Friday, October 14, 2005

Art noise? Get fucked.

All hands on deck for a sweet, sweet gig this coming weekend at the warehouse studio of not-recovering graphomaniac artist James Robinson. That UFM flagship band of swarthy, renegade hairdressers, Ray Off, will be making a rare big-band appearance with the harp and the wine-glasses and the violins all in attendance. Now, James has gone and advertised us on the poster as 'art noise'. Right.... all-acoustic instrumentation, utilizing the tonal qualities of those instruments, playing an actual composition (a new Currin 'classic', 'Run, Run Like A Tree')...... get with it, mate. For art-noise, try Rory Storm & The Invaders, who will also be playing, or Christchurch's Zero, who I can't tell you much about except that ex-pat guitar-thrummer Peter Wright was once among their ranks (or lived near them or something). Or for total run-for-your-damn-life art terrorism, none other than Matt Middleton will be shaping up with his 'free jazz ensemble', featuring Duane Zarakov on drums; he formerly of the TOTALLY, UNJUSTIFIABLY ignored Say Yes To Apes (everybody say after me: SAY YES TO APES FUCKING RULE). On the subject of ruling, you all got to know just how FANTASTIC that new Rory Storm & The Invaders cd 'Lone Nines' is... get hot CD now!!! As I once mentioned to Dr Storm, 'Lone Nines' is actually an anagram of 'Eno's Linen'. Think deeply about that.

Seriously for a minute, this gig is a send-off for James' latest round of insane hard work, his scores of smudgeoned, bludgeoned canvases making their way to Auckland for sale at the art circus of the damned, and we wish him well. We all know what Dr Dre means when he talks about 'the chronic', right? Well, if you want to see what sir Robinson means by that term then click here to witness the won't-quitness. And look out for his DVD (no, I'm not kidding) for sale from this site soon!!

(47 Ward St, Dunedin, this Saturday the 15th of October, from 9pm. Koha for the musicians, please)


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