Thursday, October 20, 2005

Art noise? Hell yeah!

Heck of a great week for the old art and noise, this one gone. Before we got around to the show mentioned in the post below, there were not one, nor two, but THREE performances of Opraaaaa, a trashcan shitblast of the highest order devised by Boone and held in the formerly None, now Lot 24, basement (scene of so many great gigs in the near past). For locals who are wondering, Boone's the guy wearing the big piece of hot-water-heater insulation on his back who walks around town sticking up posters everywhere. Lily, Sally, Aliki and Tim got done up in skip-scrapings for the 'acting' (more dance/Butoh-esque than anything; and anyone who witnessed Aliki's stunning nothing-but-everything-happening turn in last years' Ghost Train - not to mention Lily's unforgettable vampiress-with-sausage act in the same - will know that these guys know their stuff), while Katrina Thomson and Rory Storm (only 6 gigs this week, Rory?) bashed the shit outta some washtubs and trolleys (using bottles and shovels, naturally) for the soundtrack. Fucking great stuff.

And, a REALLY great time around at 47 Ward St on Saturday.... with giant, mad paintings hung about the perimeter of the barn-like studio; sweet swelling from Ray Off ('it was like walking into church' - thank you, Aliki!!); a great sprawling Rory Storm & The Invaders set (which had some patrons doing the Robot AND the Mashed Potato!); Zero! Fuck, man! Crazed 80's industrial leather-pants cyborg riff-rockets from bloody Christchurch! The sort of band that makes me almost sad that I never put on black lipstick and walked a rabbit on a leash when I was a teenager. And Matt Middleton's Anomie Ensemble finishing the night with the type of insanity that only a damned insane audience could appreciate, and egg the players on to further heights of insanity; and we were that audience. Great to see Jason (sorry dude, can't remember your last name) from The Aesthetics taking the lead - sort of - with the synth in this outfit, with non-stop skronked-the-fuck-out support from Duane's drums and Matt on the home-made shenai.

News from Australia: the Three Forks cd is IMMINENT!!! Gawd bless yers, Dual Plover.


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