Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey, the lips move!

Read an interview with a mysterious UFM representative here. And while you're at it, here's a review of Ray Off's Ghost Wolf Of Thunder Mountain and bloody hell, why not just take a look around the whole damn mind-boggling site?

In other news, Ray Off will be supporting the touring tornado that is (excuse any errors) Destroyed/Deranged/Dove/Doppler/Diastima Yellow Swans (info here) at Arc on November the 16th... really, this will be one to see... see YOU there...


Anonymous andrew said...

well the mp3s are all good ... call me a doffer but where do the ordering info actually be EH?

1:43 PM  
Blogger United Fairy Moons said...

I have no problem calling you a doffer. You're a doffer, Harper. If you just click on the 'email United Fairy Moons' at the top of the page you'll be connected to the source, and away you go, ordering.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Ben Sp. said...

Hey Jim, tried to email you last night but it kept bouncing back for some reason. Anyway, yep, would love to get the NT 3" too. Sent yr cds today so they should be there soon. Ben.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous andrew Harper said...

hey jim
my email bounced as well, so i put the message here - a bit chatty But I love the sound of my own voice, even when i'm reading.

i ran into that glamorous fucker Eamon Sprod
yesterday. he's incredible. he gave me a CDR with his
new album on it; entitled 'wind keeps even dust away'
. Fucking awesome as one would expect; I have yet to
test it out as a masturbation soundtrack but early
signs are good. Got the news that you had a child -
good lord. Well done on that one.

Anyway, i should like to order all you have available
- what's the lump that comes to and how shall i get
you the cash - IMO, carrier pigeon, equivalent value
in locally brewed pepperberry gin?

and watch yourself lad - there are cheap cheap fares
available. I want to sort a way of getting over there
and screening my film, some films by other idiots i
know and doing some kind of gallery residence thing -
yes, I do fucking performance art. I get naked and
project film onto my hideous form. Last time i did
this, i claimed it was for placing a curse on the
Liberal government of Australia. Quite a hoot, and
that's the film i have to screen - and it's actually
been in 'proper' galleries, and I am currently writing
a fucking Honours thesis about it all, so if you know
of any grants or galleries that could help, please let
me know.
Which i should get back to right now.

cheers from andrew h.

GPO box 325

6:20 PM  
Blogger United Fairy Moons said...

Email is back in service, all!

Cripes, my own little message board! Well, for anyone reading and not knowing what this doffer/duffer/dingbat Harper is on about, Eamon Sprod is the living SHIT (as in good shit) who records as Tarab and with whom I, playing as Ray Off, toured Australia in the middle of the year. Now, many many years ago, Eamon and I and the aforementioned Harper had a little band together whose sole purpose in this world was - not joking - to TOUR HOBART. Like, fly all the way from fucking Melbourne to play the Doghouse, a wine bar and a fucking Basketball court in fucking HOBART.

Well, those were the days. And by the way, Andrew, Eamon and I pulled out the cassette we made back then and listened to it. And didn't we have a good old laugh!!

Well, I'm off to put up the posts for the Three Forks and Spit discs which are now here for real...

And Harper, at the risk of you putting a curse on me, PLEASE don't come here; or at least, please don't expect me to come see you perform in the nip...

8:50 AM  

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