Thursday, July 06, 2006

To craunch a marmoset

Anyone else out there - spekkers de angalais - enjoy spending idle minutes applying the Google translator to random foreign-language pages? I sure do. And what egocentric joy to play so, when it comes to descriptions of ones' own work! This - quite plainly - lovely review from the Spanish language site Microphones In The Trees:

I like very many Ray Off. two discs, “I'm not in the racing sky” (united fairy moons, 2005) and “Ghost Wolf of Thunder Mountain” without hardly promotion… and is a pain because I take listening to them all the morning and they have to me more and more enamored. it is what happens with these seals so so small, its music sinks in that unjust world of the talent nonappreciated, until a good day somebody rescues them of there. Ray Off makes music hipnótica to leave to walk by the forests and to embrace to the trees… a perfect sound track for histories of betrayed friendships of Wild Group. much dust, many stringed instruments and only five “songs” that oscillate both between the twenty and minutes, that have the enchantment of old vinyls of Morricone. sinister whistles, short sound, desert fits of distortion, landscapes, acoustic guitars a little desafinadas and absolutely irresistible, and a special ability to manipulate the topics of country with the most disturbing and trembling sounds than I have been able to listen, once again, in much long time. a man, the one that hides after Ray Off, special really.

GORGEOUS!! It also says that United Fairy Moons 'is the stews of one James Currin...' which I couldn't have possibly put better myself. I'm just a man, the one who hides after Ray Off....

Mats Gustafsson and his Broken Face is at it again with a choice review of 'Clean & Dry...' (the first!). I also really enjoyed reading his and others' reflections on the recent Terrastock 6 fest, at the excellent Deep Water. And cop the beards on some of these fuckers! Anyone thinking of downloading some of the sets (damn, have lost the link...) might try one of my top 3: Larkin Grimm, Fursaxa (ask my flatmates if they're sick of hearing 'Lepidoptera' yet...) and Brothers Of the Occult Sisterhood. Plenty of others beauties too.

The organisatorors of the biennial Lines Of Flight festival have got a blog up and blogging; check back for relevant details as they come to hand. We're all on a fat buzz that Crude is back in the lineup this year; anyone who saw him steal (or was that crush?) the show at the inaugeral 2000 event will definately want to get on back for more. Or will it be even less this time???

Raddio plug time again: my show is called Spit In The Cracks; it broadcasts on Sundays, 9-11pm (GMT+12); and on the 16th of July (not this week, as planned) will feature a live-to-air by none other than His Jolly Crankingness, CJA. 'Nuff said.

Wellington readers might wanna keep an eye out for an all-too-rare-these-days performance by Rory Storm, sometime in the next week or two. Yep, that's the complete extent of the information.

Plenty of Ray Off shows have been happening - Dunedin, Wellington, Greymouth... will post details of upcoming Christchurch and Dunedin joints very soon.

Like everybody these days, I've been wasting far too much time on My Space, and kinda digging it. UFM be at here, or, um, there. Check the blog section for far more tragic examples of my usual waffling.

Ok! Anyone for tofu and mung beans for tea? Yum!!


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hi, it's such a honor to see traslated my review, lovely music :)

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