Friday, April 07, 2006

We Rule

That's right, you heard me. After elephantine delays and a rain of shit so thick you could swim in it, all our new releases are finally on the blocks; Ray Off's Clean & Dry Area Before Application, Rory Storm's incredible Fuck The Memescape and of course the Jo Jo ef Steve CDR we discussed earlier. This lot, without doubt, is as strong or stronger than anything we've done to date. So watch here in the next two days as 1) UFM hooks up to broadband and 2) posts up some facts and figures on these three.

In other news, we've been busting a nut running the screenprinting biz and you can see our work adorning the new Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood cd on Digitalis Industries - soon we'll be, uh, printing more of that ('cause it, like, has almost sold out already) and also a Tom Carter cd cover for the same label. Our prices for this sort of work are really very reasonable and anyone interested in a kick-arse screened cover for their cd should contact us immediately. Just take a look at the the new Ray Off cover for an examble of what we're capable of - I think it's the most beautiful thing we've done.

Ok - couple days off and then hard into it. Ay-up all.


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