Sunday, January 22, 2006

UFM Masterpiece Theatre

Those of you who, over the years, have trawled the byways of out-of-it musical culture, particularly that of these wee islands of NZ, can hardly have missed the musings of one Mats Gustafsson. He's in it up to his neck and I am shocked and elated to report that in a new post to his The Broken Face blog he's passed judgement over a couple of our titles. Yes, they're good reviews. Man, I can't hold out - they're great reviews. Allow me to here quote - he is speaking of Three Forks' 'Seven Layer Ape':

'Despite its' fringe characteristics there's a sense of beauty and isolation that is much more seducing than it is perplexing, like following a hidden trail through a region draped in dramatic natural beauty. Seven Layer Ape is a slice of timeless improv.... a visual and aural masterpiece that comes highly recommended to every avid Broken Face reader.'

Mmmmm. 'Masterpiece'. That, my friends, is a $50 word if ever I heard it. Could get used to this kind of business.

Ok, better go scrub out my bath tub now....


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you must have got my letter by now write to me ryan

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