Saturday, December 31, 2005

Too PC for you

Well, there you have it. Nevermore. At least until Nathan Thompson gets back into town (April I'm told)

Before anything, can I just say it's a testament to the single-minded determination of Rob "Leg Of" Lamb and his fellow thinkers that the Tunnel Hotel, formerly Port's most reliably vacated drinking establishment, is now up and running as an honest-to-god venue. The first gig there a couple of weeks back - with Rob's band, The New Zealots, launching their CD - was apparantly a shocking success and I'm sure this one will top it.

Farewell, Ryan, you'll be sorely missed. Prior to leaving he'll be editing and selecting recordings with Eye bandmates Stapleton and Porteous for upcoming releases; also, the final recordings for the totally imminant Jo Jo ef Steve release will be made. The world didn't know they needed it; the band didn't know that they even existed - but it arrived anyway, the glorious rich funky Jo Jo sound. New from UFM this summer!

Also having the final touches applied is the new Ray Off cdr, Clean & Dry Area Before Application. More on that soon. Hope to have both of these out by early Febuary.

I'll be attempting to do new silkscreened editions (in a slightly simpler format) of the totally gone Ghost Wolf Of Thunder Mountain and the very-nearly-gone We Are Superior Beings (7 copies left, folks!) in the coming weeks (please note that there will be no more of Black Ice once the run of 120 is done - read fab review here). My living/working arrangements have been a little odd for a while now, as some of you know (!), and are about to get weirder but in a good, productive way. That is the plan anyways.

So a happy new year to all. Thanks so much to all of you who took the plunge into our world - I've been honoured to meet (via email, predominantly) many of you, and it's been a blast. Special extra thanks to the Sydney and Melbourne gangs who took care of Jon and myself on our Western Isles tour - see you all again soon! Must put a special-friend mention in here to Forbes and Sean, soundguy and booker respectively of Dunedin's Arc cafe. Your support this year gone has been invaluable. And of course to our fabulous distributors (see links). These guys are at the edge, looking up.

Also soon - more info (promise!) and more MP3's. Ok.... cut!

Best Regards,


Anonymous Peter said...


Keep up the good work - congratulations on a great first year, label guy! We need more doers like you, to try to shake some recordings out of the rest of us.

: )


2:47 PM  

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