Monday, August 07, 2006

The Eyes Have not Quite got It

The creeping crackle of spring cometh to Dunedin ssslowly. So as we wake to the first few handfuls of heat for many a moon, activities aboundeth. Eth. Firstly we had the spectral and sublime Other Lives, a new devising by Agent Spree held in the King Edward Court carpark a few weeks ago. In dark twilight we saw the death's night dance of plastic bags and cardboard boxes, propped up on a couple of sets of stilts (the amazing, amazing Nathan ManBat and Ray Off's Katrina Thomson) and music by Jim Currin (guitar) and Miss Morse (accordian). It was wet and cold as hell but seemed like a fitting farewell to winter.

ManBat gets up on it

Let's run through some upcoming shows. There was meant to be some sort of Eye/Ray Off double bust-up happening at Circadian Rhythm, but probably this won't eventuate at least not for a while. Fingers crossed! What IS happening this Friday at Records Records (upper Stuart St) is Ray Off/Rory Storm badd action. Ray Off, THIS time, will be Currin and drummer Lee Noyes. Yes, that's his real name. Start about 6pm. Then on Saturday night DO NOT MISS Sweaty Betty and Haunted Love at C-Rhythm. $5, 9pm start. Sweat Betty are sounding fucking incredible at the moment - I know, they rehearse in the ceiling above my bed. Ok, that sounds weird. But it's true! Anyway, once you've seen 'em on Saturday, come on down to None (24 Stafford St) for another blast at the BIG MUTANT show, featuring also the talents of....

Now, what else is happening in Dunedin over these upcoming few weeks, I couldn't tell ya, because I'll be touring Australia. That's right you heard me. Dates as far as I understand 'em:

- Aug 17th, The Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Myself (Ray Off as I wanna be), Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood and Castings will be performing live soundtracks to the silent films Haxan and L'Inferno. See otherfilm for details.
- now.... um... either the 18th or 19th in Brisbane. Ok, I know this sounds lame, but really, there is a show. The Beamathon on the Friday sounds great but i dunno if I'm part of that. Maybe the next night? Better smarten this up quick....
- um... maybe on the sunday too in Brisbane? (oh Jasus...)
- 24th of Aug at Yvonne Ruve, Sydney, with Marasmus and possibly some other cats.
- 26th of Aug in Newcastle at... um... this guys' warehouse... with Will Guthrie, Castings, maybe ALPS and god I dunno....
- maybe another show in Newcastle at a fort or in a moat or something...

Well, glad I cleared all that up.... now for new releases!!!!! Goshes these are some goodies! From Sinking Infinities we have the long promised 'The Life Of Riley' and from the indomitable CJA there's 'Ponds', a sensitive collection of songs that flew at us out of nowhere and knocked us silly. Further into the future, the incredible, incredible Anomie Ensemble gig the other night was recorded and will be out shortly after I get back, as will the Mixxxtape (provisionally titled so) compilation. More on these shortly.

Also when I get back a big rundown on what we all up to for the Dunedin Fringe Festival. Later to that, then. xxxxx


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