Saturday, November 19, 2005

Damn ol' Yellow Swans...

Totally best night out! Group fantastic! That's what we all were saying after last Wednesday's Ray Off/Futurians/D Yellow Swans gig at Arc. First of all, thanks to everyone who came despite the remember-last-winter? weather - so fucking great that we had a decent crowd to witness this one. Firstly, we who is Ray Off had a blast with our possibly finally-solid line-up really getting into the swing; and for those who mentioned it afterwards, we promise to keep working on the Japanese opera vocal stylings. Second-to-last gig for The Futurians (at least in current form).... these guys have ruled Dunedin with an iron robotic hand for the past couple of years and not only Dunedin but, I believe, the world is better for it. All the best in Wellington, Ms Duckling. DN folks really, really ought to sober up and drive out to Port Chalmers for the final gig next Friday (the 25th) at the Masonic Lodge, corner of Wickliffe Tce and Currie St.

And then.... well, let me just say this about the Dirty Old Yellow Swans - ANY band that is capable of inspiring spontaneous Butoh dancing among a Dunedin audience is alright by me. Mention these guys to anyone who's met them and the first thing they say is "aren't they just the nicest guys?" Well, yes they are, but what nobody ever mentions is that one of 'em is quite short, while the other one is pretty tall!!! What's up with that? Anyway, best band from OS all year, easy, and we be digging their new album 'Psychic Secession' a lot. Label for that here. The band site here, and a pretty nice overview of their stuff on the Volcanic Tongue site. I really am a big fan of the 'Live During War Crimes' CD, and that's a good title.

Also, it was great that Pete and Gabriel (Denoting Yellow Swans) got to see The Aesthetics and Crude play while they were here (on the Tuesday)... spread the word, brothers.

Pretty soon Eye and Rory Storm 'n' the Invaders will be playing the Masonic too; and then Eye will be heading up to Christchurch for one night only at the Physics Room. Details as soon as....


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